The Bowls (based on consumption) Bowl of yogurt pretzels (6 oz.)

Bowl of mixed nuts (6 oz.)

Bowl of trail mix (6 oz.)

Bowl of dozen assorted whole fruit

Chips and salsa

The Bags (based on consumption)

Granola bars

Individual bags of Kettle chips

The Platters

Pastries and muffin platter

Farmer’s market fruit platter

House made chocolate chip cookies

Farmer’s market vegetable platter with Point Reyes blue cheese dip

The Rest

Roasted garlic hummus, tomatoes, feta, olives, warm pita

Drive-In Movies – popcorn, caramel corn, assorted candies, frozen ice cream bites

Build your own trail mix – mixed nuts, dried fruit, chocolate chips, yogurt pretzels


(All beverages based on consumption)

Freshly brewed coffee, decaffeinated coffee and hot tea

Chilled orange, grapefruit, cranberry or apple juice

Iced tea, lemonade

Fiji, San Pellegrino

Soft drinks

Red Bull, Sugar-Free Red Bull, Starbucks Frappuccino, Vitamin Water

21% Service Charge and Applicable State Sales Tax will be Added to all Food and Beverage