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Date posted: 04/18/2014

WineRiot Pours Into LA

For wine lovers staying in Los Angeles don’t miss Wine Riot! It is one of the most unique events and is popular with both local residents and visitors. ‘Tour the world’ by tasting wines from all of the major production areas and few of the more unusual ones too, while

 learning new tricks and information from the assembled experts. This combined with the entertainment create the perfect wine lover experience. Two hundred and fifty different wines will be available at Wine Riot, presenting every stage of the taste and flavor spectrum.

This year’s Wine Riot LA will be taking place in three sessions across May 9th and May 10th 2014. Held in the California Market Center, tickets can be purchased for the opening night party between 7pm and 11pm on Friday May 9th, or 1pm to 5pm and 7pm to 11pm on
Saturday May 10
th. Included in the ticket is access to all of the wines on display. Some guests like to choose a country and sample their way across its variety, others prefer to choose a specific ‘theme’ like Pinot Grigio and explore their way around the world sampling this kind of wine from every different country. Either approach can be personally tailored to make the most of this event. In addition, a complementary mobile app helps visitors to remember which wines they have tried or  loved and helping to remember which ones they wish to buy come the end of the night.

Alongside the sampling will be a number of other entertainment areas, including those with an educational twist. In Wine 101, visitors will be able to learn the specific meanings of eight wine terms by tasting them in a special session. At the Bubbly Bar, six international sparkling wines of different styles will be on show to help people learn the subtle differences between them. Plus, 20 minute Crash Course sessions will take place throughout the Wine Riot giving a chance to learn more about the art of wine and its hidden depths.

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