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Date posted: 01/29/2014

Watch A Movie at a Historic Theater in Hollywood

On May 18, 1927, the most amazing and breathtaking opening in the history of motion picture took place. That of course was the grand opening of the Chinese Theatre. It cost two million dollars and took 18 months to build, but the result was the most spectacular looking movie theatre —the likes of which had never been seen before. The theatre is exquisitely decorated with beautiful ornaments, stunning fountains, and intricate designs, all of which were designed and made by Chinese artists and sculptors.

On a yearly basis, more than four million visitors flock to the theatre, not just to catch a movie but also to get a look at this stunning piece of architecture, and as the venue is the first choice for almost every movie premier, quite often the fans visit in the hopes of seeing their movie star idols too. In 2013, the Chinese Theatre teamed up with The Creative Life (TCL) who are responsible for manufacturing various pieces of electrical equipment in China. The hope is that through this collaboration, they can preserve the legacy of the theatre whilst also bringing it into the future.

It's not just the rich and famous who attend the theatre. Movies are shown on a daily basis and at regular intervals throughout the day. The theatre has top of the range facilities and equipment, including the latest in IMAX 3D capabilities, and movies such as Gravity and Hubble are being shown in this way throughout February. If you want to view the movie in style and luxury then you will definitely want to check out the lush VIP lounge, which is available to hire out and is equipped with comfortable leather seating, private concessions, and a lavish lounge, which serves all manners of beer and wine. Visitors of Los Angeles should make sure to book their hotels near the TCL Chinese Theatre, as it is an experience that one cannot afford to miss out on.


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