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Date posted: 07/18/2014

Sun’s Down, Fun’s Up: Exciting Things to Do in Hollywood at Night!

Hollywood is known for being a tourist destination, but one thing that makes it really great is the nightlife – just because the sun goes down, doesn’t mean the fun has to end! If you’re over 21 and looking for a fun time with friends, there are countless clubs and bars to go to. There’s more to do than just going to the local clubs. Here’s a look at some of the options you can explore. 

As far as clubs go, if you’re looking for great nightlife in Hollywood, you can certainly find it. There are clubs playing different types of music, such as jazz, rock, electronica, and top 40. There are also a wide variety of Latin or gay clubs in the area as well. The Ecco Club is just one of the high-energy nightclubs known for being green – there’s even complimentary parking for hybrids! If you want to stay outdoors, consider the Cabana Club – unique for having most of their events outdoors, so you can stay cool on those hot summer nights. The Avalon is one of the major clubs in Hollywood known for throwing huge events and having DJ’s from all over the world perform.

The Griffith Observatory, while great in the day, is a place that you have to check out at night. Being on top of the mountains makes it an excellent place to view all of downtown Los Angeles at night. There are free public telescopes until 9:45pm and when there is a clear sky, you will be able to see for miles on end. It is truly a great spot! At the Griffith Observatory, you can also see some of their planetarium shows or lectures that areheld during the afternoons or evenings.  

If you are looking to laugh, then make sure to plan a trip to The Comedy Store. There has been many hilarious comedians who have performed here at this popular venue. There is a bar as well, so you can get some drinks while you enjoy stand up comedy from talented comedians in the business. This is always a fun night for everyone involved.


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