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Date posted: 04/15/2013

Spend the Full Moon with Vampires!

Running sucks. At least it does for the citizens running in the Vampire 5k Run. If you are going to be spending some time in any of the Los Angeles hotels near Hollywood this fall, consider checking out this one of a kind event. Just be careful not to get bit! Vampire 5k

So, a Vampire 5k. What is it all about? It is definitely not like any 5k you have ever heard of before. First, it is not an actual race but a chance for people to interact in a fun and unique way.  Participants are able to choose which team they would like to be on: citizens or vampires. Citizens dress in all white and spend the run trying to avoid being caught by the vampires. Once a vampire catches a citizen, they are immediately converted into a vampire. Vampires are required to dress in all black and try to convert as many citizens as they possibly can. The race begins with both teams starting at separate locations. As the run progresses, the vampires and citizens reach a point where their paths cross. This is where it’s either chase or be chased. To further intensify things, there will be fog and red powder zones up until the finish line. So the question is, do you like the thrill of the chase, or do you only run when being chased?

After the run is over, prizes will be awarded to the vampire who converted the most citizens and to the citizen(s) who avoided being caught. There are also prizes for best dressed classic and modern vampire. Once all prizes are awarded, the after party begins. There will be music, dancing, and plenty of red colored beverages. Children age ten and up are welcome to join in on the fun!

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Event Details

Date: TBA

Time: Dusk

Price: $50

Address: TBA

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