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Date posted: 09/20/2013

Spend a Spooky Night at Universal Studios

At the studios that invented the whole horror genre, the most exciting Halloween event in Los Angeles has set the bar even higher this year – creating a fright like none other. For the very first time, the urban landscapes of sets from the most famous movies to come from Universal Studios will be the background to all new mazes and scares. Those looking for places to stay around Universal Studios Hollywood will be able to explore the alley ways and deserted streets from the new Season 3 of The Walking Dead – supported by the doom and gloom of nightmares inspired by the Billboard #1 album ‘13’ by Black Sabbath. Universal Studios is proud to employ some of the most terrifying minds in modern horror, and all of them are trying their best this year to create the most intense Halloween experience in the whole of Southern California.

Utilizing their background in some of the best frights in film and television, all new immersive mazes have been created for the Halloween Horror Nights 2013 at Universal Studios. Built on premises and sets from the films and shows themselves, these not only include the ‘No Safe Haven’ maze themed to The Walking Dead but many others besides. Evil Dead is represented in ‘The Book Of The Dead’ – a horrifyingly mesmerizing experience which will never be forgotten. Insidious has spawned ‘Into The Further’ and El Cucuy brings ‘The Boogeyman’ to Universal Studios. Also new for this year is Universal Monsters Remix: ‘Resurrection’. To a background of the music of Figure, who have created a modern, horror-inspired theme and soundtrack to the slaughter, the legacy of Universal Studio’s horror creations come to life in an absolutely spine chilling trail through darkened corridors into a crypt full of creatures beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

The mazes are not the only horrifying attraction. Take the Terror Tram into Woodbury, the town home of The Walking Dead. In a dystopian vision, the whole world has become a graveyard – all that’s left is for the Walkers to feed on new victims. Some of the survivors were able to lock themselves into the prison, whilst others are barricaded into Woodbury itself. Visitors need to get themselves safely to the prison – but in a world where law and order have collapsed, sometimes the living can be more dangerous than the dead. Once inside for the night, the only way out is to survive. Tickets really must be booked in advance due to the popularity of the nights, but the Halloween Horror Nights are highly recommended.

(Photo courtesy of Flickr)

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