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Date posted: 09/14/2012

Have a Frightening Night at the Haunted Hayride!

If you are spending Halloween in hotels around Hollywood CA, there are plenty of spooky events going on! The Old Zoo at Griffith Park is onceHaunted Hayride again putting on the Haunted Hayride for the fourth year. This year, the hayride trail has been extended for brand new scenes or horror from all directions.

This is a great event to bring a group of friends ready for a good scare! Ponchos will be provided and you will get wet!  This year’s theme is “The Congregation.” The story behind the hayride follows the Clifton Twins. While playing in the woods around the Old Zoo, they discovered a strange playmate--a young boy named Alelster. He had no family and would only preach a dark religion he learned in the woods. He soon gathered a flock of followers including the Clifton family. One fateful night, the whole village burned in a horrific church fire. On the hayride, you witness the village on that fateful night of darkness and cults. You’ll explore the village in a sea of blackness, including an in-between dark maze, but look out for the demons and maniacs that will pop out of the darkness!

While you wait in line for the hayride, you can ride the “Scary-Go-Round,” explore the House of Mirrors and other fun activities as part of Purgatory. There will also be a special effects fabrication booth to amaze and astound! All activities in “Purgatory” are included in your ticket except for food, merchandise and games. 

Tickets to the Haunted Hayride are $28. A ticket to both the hayride and the in-between (maze) is $37. VIP admission is $52. You can buy tickets here. At the event, only cash is accepted. You can get $5 admission price with the purchase of any Sunkist or Squirt beverage. Arrive early to get the best place in line!

Event Details

Dates: October 5-October 31, 2012

Times: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays 7pm to 10:30pm &

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 7pm to 12am

Location: Griffith Park (Old Zoo)

4730 Crystal Springs Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90027

Admission: $6-$10

For more information, please visit

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