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Date posted: 08/08/2011

Have a Ball at the “I Love Lucy” Exhibit

To celebrate the 100th birthday of Lucille Ball and the 60th anniversary of the iconic television show I Love Lucy, the Hollywood Museum in North Hollywood is opening up a fantastic exhibit for Lucy lovers all around!  This exhibit that celebrates two big milestones in the Queen of Comedy’s life opened August 4th and will remain on display until November 30th.  Because of the museum’s partnership with CBS, there will be many unique memorabilia on display that showcase the various careers and lives of Hollywood’s famous couple. 

Lucille BallOne of the most unique things about this North Hollywood exhibit is that the building in which it is located is the same place where Lucille Ball had her makeup and hair done for so many years.  It is the place where she first became a redhead!  Because of this, the museum features a “Redheads Only Room” that has been tenderly preserved in her honor.  Ball was often used in her hairstylist’s public relations campaigns and ad promotions because of her success.  This iconic museum was also selected as the place for the US Postal Service to unveil its official Lucille Ball commemorative stamp in 2001.  In concurrence with the anniversary, CBS and Paramount are releasing a new DVD set that includes 14 classic I Love Lucy episodes that have all been digitally restored. 

The exhibit has some great exceptional items that are sure to excite any Lucille Ball fan!  Some of the pieces include the various awards, certificates, trophies, and plaques awarded to Lucy; the famous TV Guide issue that features Desi, Jr. on the cover; original editing equipment; a prolific photography collection featuring Lucy’s life, including some never-before-seen personal photos; an autographed leg cast; personal scripts; Desi’s original recordings and sheet music; and more!  Many costumes worn throughout the show will be on display as well.  Any admirer of I Love Lucy will really love this exhibit and be transported back to the 1950s with Lucy and Desi once again!

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