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Date posted: 05/03/2013

Attend a Dodger Game All Summer Long in LA

While it is a sad but true fact that Los Angeles has no professional football team (currently, at least), we are lucky enough to have many other professional sports teams to be proud of! The Los Angeles Dodgers are just one of many pro teams in the City of Angels and what a great team at that! Not only are the Dodgers a fun and community-oriented organization, but Dodger games are a summer staple in Los Angeles and not something to be missed if you are visiting Los Angeles over the summer months. There are many places to stay around Dodger Stadium so not to worry if you are an out-of-towner!

Dodger Stadium alone is an amazing structure that sits just east of downtown Los Angeles. Able to seat over 50,000 fans, the stadium has been a part of the Elysian Park area since 1962 and recently went through some amazing renovations and updates for the 2013 season. The scoreboards have been drastically improved and updated with HD quality video capabilities. They will provide even more information than before, complete with current stats and updates about the game and players. Structure-wise, concourses have been widened and numerous creative sculptures have been added around the entire park so fans can pose for pictures with them! In order to create more areas for fans to mingle, there are new picnic areas as well. Although, Dodger Dogs are something every attendee has to try at least once so be careful not to fill up on too much food in the picnic area before a game! Cell towers are also being added with the renovations, so upon completion over the next couple weeks, the reception and Wi-Fi will be greatly improved.

Dodger games are a great pastime to enjoy with your friends or family and can be an awesome group activity. Ticket prices vary which is another great selling point - you can generally be as close as you want, or opt for the more affordable seats which still provide excellent views of the game. With a stellar lineup, we’re hoping the Dodgers go far this year! Matt Kemp, Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez, and the rest of the players hope to lead the team to victory. Check out the season schedule and batter up today!

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