Building a Dream

It was 1970 when Beverly Garland and her husband Fillmore Crank, a real estate developer and contractor by trade, purchased seven acres in North Hollywood from the legendary Gene Autry.  They had dreams of creating a beautiful resort-style lodge that the whole family could help design.  So together with founder of the famous Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas, John Kell Houssels Jr., the entire Garland family built a serene hotel which flourishes to this day.

Unique in Every Way

Right from the start one could tell that the hotel was going to be unique in every way.  Its Spanish mission-influenced architecture featured adobe walls, heavy-tile roofs and the hand-hewn cabin timbers of pioneers.  Warm golden brown and tan colors resonated throughout the burgeoning structure with California’s early heritage.  When not working on her thriving film and television career, Beverly was solely responsible for the interior décor and color coordination, which gave the new hotel a stylishly inviting vibe that embodied Hollywood. 

The Beverly Garland

Beverly Garland

Upon its completion Fillmore decided that the hotel would be named after his lovely wife.  The Beverly Garland was set in a tranquil garden and surrounded by an urban oasis just minutes away from such famed attractions as Universal Studios, Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Warner Brothers Studios and Beverly Hills.

Over the years the hotel has fostered a vibrant image while maturing into more of a resort.  Having been a strong presence in the North Hollywood community since its inception, the hotel has also been the home of a diverse clientele.  From business travelers and family vacationers to celebrities and touring musicians, The Beverly Garland offers a chic yet comfortable atmosphere which few can match.  To this day all the rooms still have the cozy balcony-patios the Garland family originally envisioned, which offer breathtaking views of the surrounding region.

Today The Beverly Garland features 256 guest rooms and suites, The Garland Conference Center, Warren's Blackboard food & drink workshop, a swimming pool with a poolside bar and whirlpool, landscaped courtyard, fitness center and a luscious garden outdoor event space, all of which are enveloped in a stylish resort.

James Crank

James Crank, Beverly’s son, practically grew up at the hotel.  He began tending the property’s grounds at 13, and by his freshman year of college was a respected colleague.  In 1999 James became assistant asset manager of the hotel and worked right alongside his mother until her passing in December of 2008.  Today he is president of his family’s corporation and preserves Beverly Garland’s unique legacy and vision for her namesake hotel.

A Family-Owned Business

The Beverly Garland is a family-owned business that is partnered with various charitable organizations and North Hollywood community leadership roles.  Striving to keep Beverly’s legacy alive, we will always embody the qualities of loyalty, compassion, community service, creativity, spontaneity, joy, hard work and generosity.  Having hosted countless social events, community meetings and family gatherings throughout the decades, we are deeply committed to our guests.

Marcus Hotels & Resorts

The Crank’s strong belief in family values led them to partner with another family-owned business, Marcus Hotels & Resorts. 

In 1935, a young immigrant named Ben Marcus opened a one-screen movie theatre in tiny Ripon, Wisconsin.  The Depression was still under way, and the prospects for any new business were uncertain at best.  Against imposing odds, Marcus made the Campus Theatre a runaway success, and he did so by offering his customers the freshest entertainment, the finest facilities, and the assurance of a memorable experience.  “Ours is a mission to make others happy,” wrote Marcus in the opening-night program.  “What a pleasure to be so engaged!”

The Campus Theatre, which is still a proud Marcus property, provided the template for everything that followed.  One small-town theatre led to a state-wide chain and then expansion far beyond Wisconsin’s borders.  Motion pictures supplied the platform for diversification into restaurants, limited-service lodging, fine hotels, and luxury resorts.  The portfolio has changed dramatically over time, but The Marcus Corporation today is a $400 million enterprise with theatre and lodging operations in 13 states—and it is still in the business of making others happy.

Now in its third generation of family leadership, The Marcus Corporation marked its 75th anniversary of change and continuity in 2010.  Celebrating Our Past, Building Our Future is an exemplary study of the American entrepreneurial spirit—and of what can happen when one young immigrant has a great idea.

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